We carry a large selection of flower planters and urns that would look perfect on your patio, garden or landscape. Please contact us for pricing details, or visit our store to see all that we offer in person.

  • Aluminum & Cast Iron
  • Cast Stone *
  • Lightweight Containers *
  • Limestone
  • Pottery

Cast Stone – Renaissance Garden Ornament takes pride is stocking a wide assortment of cast stone planters, including footed urns, pots, boxes, troughs and bowls, in many sizes, shapes and finishes. The majority are finished in a patina resembling aged stone in its many variations. The photo gallery illustrates just some of the items we carry, by no means all. There are hundreds more available to us, so we’re happy to share websites for our major suppliers, as we frequently place special orders for our customers.

Lightweight – Quality manufactured containers that are easily portable are becoming increasingly popular. The majority are made of fiberglass, a combination of fiberglass and ground stone, or a combination of fiberglass and clay. We also carry a complete line of very durable polyethylene planters. Although most are extremely durable in our climate, we offer advice for extra winter care.